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120 new items are waiting for you to choose. For this release, we offer you modern and luxurious wedding dresses, colorful special occasion dresses, simple bridal party dresses, and some beautiful as well as useful cupcake decorations, paper lanterns.

Wedding dresses we provide features thick fabric and luxurious decorations which are perfect for this season. Most of them are strapless style, matching them with a fur wrap or cape is a good choice on cold days. Both simple bridal party dresses and colorful special occasion dresses will give you multiple choices to attend different parties.  

Creative and versatile, our cupcake decorations are perfect decorating tool for your wedding as well as other special occasions. Fill your cute cake wrappers with cupcakes, candy, popcorn, and nuts for an amazing dessert handout. Cupcake dessert stands with a towering show of your cupcakes are sure to give your guests a happy and festive atmosphere.

Nowadays paper lanterns are largely popular worldwide, though they are originated from ancient China and Japan. Paper lantern is a great way to bring romantic feeling to your big day; therefore many people are fascinated with it. Our paper lanterns are some floral tiny flower hollow paper lanterns with different colors. You can choose one color which coordinates with your gorgeous wedding colors and themes.