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A pretty considerable amount of new collections are offered to you. Our 116 products include charming paper lanterns, cute candles, exquisite groom accessories and cufflinks. Take a look, you will find they are the helpful accessories and decorations for your wedding as well as daily life.

These classic paper lanterns are filled with Chinese theme, which surely bring unique charm and sophistication to your big day.  Lanterns, printed with spring, plum blossom, Chinese dragon, and Chinese poetry, are typical ones. You will be amazed at how vibrant your rooms will be when you light your lanterns. It is convenient and safe that our lantern use electricity to prevent fire outbreaks.

It is said that candles are best presentation and symbolism of various kinds of passions, cultural trends and celebrations. When you light up candles at home or at other special occasion, you must feel romantic as well as comfortable. There are many cute and delicate candles for this release. Some of them are sweetheart shape, while others are floral style. Later we will continue to choose some versatile scented and dinner candles. Whatever, I believe you can find one that suits you best.

When you shop for yourself, you can also choose some for your boy or husband. There are a variety of exquisite groom suits and cufflinks. They are useful and necessary for men.