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We have selected 67 kinds of new products to upload today, which mainly include wedding dress, gossip girl dress, flower girl dress, and boy suit

40 types of wedding dresses are the main item in this uploading, which are variously silhouetted in A-line, column, mermaid, princess, empire and ball. Each of them is completed by unique design and delicate workmanship, and ready to give a feast for your eyes and heart. And most of them are textured by fabulous lace, tulle and organza, which create a romantic and captivating look. No one will be more charming than you on your big day.

Next comes to gossip girl dress. None of them follows others’ style but owns its specialty. Whether to dress them in formal occasions or informal occasions, you’re sure to be the focus with millions of attraction. Besides, several new arrivals are prepared for your little princess and naughty boy to take part in a wedding party or some other formal occasions.

Whatever you want, we will try our best to meet your demands in every aspect. I’m sure you will find something doomed to you from these new releases or our previous ones. Enjoy your time!